A personal observation- There is some old guy looking out from my mirror! I’m not sure who he is, he appears to be familiar, but I can’t quite place him. He has kind and thoughtful blue/gray eyes, but beyond that, I’m just not sure.
I went on a diner-run trip with my son Spencer yesterday to track down a home built Virginia diner that has been abandoned for years now, and is on the endangered list. Imagine my surprise when we crested a rise in the road and the Valley Diner loomed into view. I had been there before!! My son had been there before!!
This was the Diner Hunter’s FIRST diner. We had stopped here on a trip to Kentucky when he was 2 months old in 1991. That early trauma must have been the catalyst to send his impressionable young mind down the slippery slope to diner mania. The poor old structure is now empty, and the broken windows look out on a parking lot choked with weeds. The once glowing knotty pine within is stained and dull, burnished with the patina of a million cigarettes.
The empty room echoes with the call for a thousand cups of coffee.
Outside, the old neon sign stands watch over the passing of time, it’s once proud neon broken and scattered across the macadam like a shower of stars.
My son turns 21 this week. He’s an accomplished and charming young man. Not sure who the face in my mirror is, but he reminds me that some wonderful surprises are just over the rise in the road.

THE VALLEY DINER Toms Brook, Virginia

3 FAMILIAR FACES The Author, then & now & #1 Son


2 thoughts on “AGE OF CONSENT

  1. You didn’t write in the “about me” section that in addition to all of your other talents, you are also a very good writer – I’m not surprised. Congratulations on your blog, Michael, good for you! I’m looking forward to reading more…..I think I am a fan., so now you know you have at least ONE on the West Coast!

  2. Count TWO on the left coast.
    Nice piece.
    Love the “comparison” photos. I’m not sure I’d have the courage to do that. 😉

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