“An artist is not paid for his labor but for his vision.”
James McNeill Whistler
OK, OK, I suppose I should just apologize right now and get it out of the way. This insignificant bit of writing may come across to some as a bit of a rant. We self- absorbed creative types tend to run aground in these waters from time to time, so feel free to go make a sandwich, feed the cat or watch Survivor: South Philadelphia.
It’s a bit of a rough go sometimes being self employed as an artistic gun for hire. By its very nature you have to invest a little creative ego into every project you tackle, and sometimes you can feel a bit disheartened when you see your most interesting creations shot down in flames. This can be especially frustrating when too large a part your collective body of work in print tends to resemble something cobbled together by Mr. Magoo ( those of you too young to remember- Google him!) or determined by the capricious whim of a client who says “oh, my Mom likes this picture better we had taken at the mall.” ( true story on an album cover design)
Good art is just that- Good Art. In these days of universal technological access, some may tend to forget that it is the human vision, and the application of that vision, that creates wonderful and compelling images, be it a simple, un- Photoshopped B&W photograph, or a surrealistic flight of fancy consisting of dozens of unrelated images captured over years of photographic wanderings.
Recently, I’ve started combining the two very different artistic strategies, with varying degrees of commercial and artistic success. Much like painting, it is a very time and labor intensive process and, much like painting, it is the small, subtle details that go unnoticed which make the final creation a work or art, as opposed to merely an exercise in computer wizardry.
So, OK, OK, I’m stepping off the soapbox. Maybe I’ll go take some real pictures. I still shoot everything in manual mode, manual focus. Like my life, all the mistakes are my own.
2010 CHRISTMAS CARD Locations from Montana to New Jersey
An Exercise in mixing it up
Imagine YOUR face here! Ready to go, in the pipeline, just send money


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