Hey Rosetta!
Like a jolt of Tim Horton’s coffee, my ears were awakened last night by the refreshing sounds of Canada’s wonderful alt-rock band -Hey Rosetta! at IOTA in Arlington, VA. After working with so many traditional and jazz musicians lately, this sextet from Newfoundland was like a crisp, cool breeze blowing out of the Maritimes.
The crowd at IOTA clearly knew that they had the treasure map to yet another fantastic Canadian musical destination, and they were not afraid to let frontman Tim Baker and the rest of the band know it. They clearly knew a good thing when they heard it!
Like a gifted architect, Hey Rosetta! tends to build its tunes on quiet, but firm foundations and builds to blistering crescendoes with artistic and textural guitar work coming from Adam Hogan and a solid and steady back beat from bassist Josh Ward and drummer Phil Maloney. Top this all off with multi-instrumentalist Romesh Thavanathan on cello, guitar and keyboards and a beatifically beautiful Kinley Dowling on violin and you have a sonic structure destined for dizzying heights.
Tim Baker and Kinley Dowling
Adam Hogan
Kinley Dowling
Romesh Thavanathan
Tim Baker
Phil Maloney
Adam Hogan & Josh Ward
Tim Baker & Kinley Dowling
Hey Rosetta! with friends from Ivan & Alyosha


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