You just know you’re talking serious client loyalty when someone is willing to travel 160 miles round trip just to go the barbers. Must be a hell of a haircut. OK, maybe if they threw in a beer…..
Well, the newly opened shop of Devon “Di-Di” & Smiling John Shilling is just such a place. We met John and Di-Di last year at the Sled-Fest Event in Duncannon, Pennsylvania last spring, off on a yet another Diner adventure to celebrate the publication of The Diners of Pennsylvania, and meet our friends Retro Road wife, Retro Road husband and author Kyle Weaver. Home from Dalhousie and in need of a haircut, Spencer put his unruly mane into the colorfully illustrated couple’s capable hands and hit the road for home that afternoon with his signature 1930s fade. Perfect. He never looked better.
Time marches on, and it’s now December. Spencer is back in Maryland, working on an architectural internship, and those chestnut locks are getting a bit, ah, shaggy. Not a look that goes well with a sharp-dressed, retro obsessed architecture student. As luck would have it, John and Di-Di have just opened a new shop in scenic York, Pa., so it was a no-brainer that a trip to The Keystone State was in order.
This is a shop where everyone is welcome, and the atmosphere is relaxed, funky and fun. You’re just as likely to find someone’s beloved grandmother as you are to find members of a local rock-a-billy band. Don’t let the abundance of tattoos throw you. A sweeter group of folks you’re not likely to find, and the vibe here will remind those old enough to remember of the neighborhood barber or beauty shop from the 60s, right down to the copy of “Field & Stream,”or the Princess phone at the appointment desk. And where else can you get an honest to God straight razor shave? For those who’ve never had one, this is a treat every man deserves at least once in his life! & did I mention the beer?
Di-Di and Smiling John’s Shop is located at 330 S George St., York, PA 17401 (717) 858-7428
A shop with a sense of style
Nate Amos and Drayden Raber
Smiling John works a little magic on Spencer Stewart
The Final Product- Spencer Stewart

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