I recently completed a commission for a series of portraits of an attractive young woman who wanted to celebrate an upcoming milestone date in an unusual way. She expressed the desire to document herself in a flattering, but non- traditional manner, and knowing of my work with musicians and performing artists, thought that my approach to capturing the essence of a subject’s personality and inner soul might be a good fit.
We had briefly discussed the options of dress and make up, and, as with performers, I suggested that she try to think a bit outside her usual comfort zone of attire and self image. I always endeavor to establish a high degree of trust and sensitivity between my subject and myself and feel it is highly important that that bond ensures an atmosphere of comfort and safety so the subject may feel that the intimate dialogue between the camera and themselves is a two-way street. They can put themselves in my creative hands, but they know that at all times they are welcome to contribute to the creative process. As Lauren Bacall once said “It’s even better when you help.”
As always, it takes a bit of time to establish a flow, a rhythm to any session, and sometimes that final burst of creative energy yields the best results. Many times it is the last click of the shutter that produces the ultimate cover shot, all the juices flowing and the air crackling with artistic tension. “Turn! No, look away from the camera! Put your hand here! Careful, not too close to the lights!” But… look at that last frame and just know you’ve captured the moment. Satisfaction!
3 Very different moods in Black and White- Charming-Stunning-Intense
A great session can go from moody & introspective to spontaneous and playful in the time it takes to press a button



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