Christmas Day, a time to reflect, to pause and take stock of the blessings in one’s life, to spend time with those you love, to remember those no longer with us and to think warmly about those far away who cannot be with the ones they hold dear. But, sometimes, you just have to play with your presents, or go out and see a movie, which is exactly what I did with my son. Having exhausted our critique of the new Tin Tin film (visually spot on, nicely adapted story line, but what’s with the over-wrought dueling loading cranes? Jeeze! Herge must be spinning in his grave.) we retired to the living room with glasses of porter to peruse Spencer‘s new architecture books and discuss the triumphs, quirks and ultimate downfall of Soviet Era architecture. We were in steadfast agreement- We love that stuff! Held together with dreams and spit, it shows a stunningly bizarre twist of imagination and inspiration, but little to recommend or save it from the ravages of nature and climate.
As I drifted off to sleep, patterns filled my head, spots appeared before my eyes and when I awoke I felt compelled to search out some architectural patterns from my archives. GREAT SNAKES! Enjoy.


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