Having recently returned from a road trip through New England and into Canada, I had the opportunity to spend some quality time visiting and photographing one of my favorite subjects, diners. One of the details that I find most varied and esthetically pleasing are the stools that line the counter. From diner to diner, from region to region, these thrones to the greater glory of grease and gluttony take on all shapes and forms, be they a simple vertical shaft with a padded cushion on which to place the ever-expanding posterior or a space-age bongo drum, eagerly awaiting yet another derriere tapping out an ode to cholesterol consumption. Whatever their shape, or yours, these humble bits of food furniture allow the diner a ringside view of all the action an entertaining grill man can offer up. So, git yourself out of that booth, edge in next to that guy with the mermaid tattoo, order a cup of java and let the show begin!
Charlie’s Diner- The West Shore Diner- Tom’s Diner
The Blue Bird Restaurant- The Friendly Restaurant- The Midway Diner


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