Several months ago, when I first launched this blog, my initial posting was for the release of a new jazz CD cover that I had designed entitled Dialogue, for the trio Ehoff, Gano & Knepp. Last night the group invited their friends and families to celebrate the occasion with a CD release party and concert. Over the years I’ve contributed my meager talents to the packaging and imaging of countless bands and musicians and, sad to say it is a rare exception when the musicians acknowledge my efforts, publicly or privately. Last night, this truly classy and sweet group of guys not only thanked me, once again, but even presented me with a token of their appreciation from the bandstand. For that, I just want to say, my warmest, deepest thanks, Jason, Marty & Clem. It is my honor to work with you, your groove runs deep, as well as your hearts. Many thanks!!
Now people, go out & buy the CD!! Dialogue- EHOFF, GANO, KNEPP



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