As they say, the joint was jumpin’ on Sunday afternoon as The Lutheran Church of St. Andrew played host to the respected music studio of Molly and Charles Stier for their annual spring recital. Long known and admired for performances by Molly’s gifted young piano students, this afternoon’s finale was an all together different experience, as the five members of The CVGBs (The Cherry Valley Garage Band) took center stage and rocked the church with rousing instrumental guitar versions of the classic tunes “Ode to Joy”, “House of the Rising Sun”, and “Secret Agent”- catching their breath just long enough to bring down the house with an earth shaking version of “Wipe Out”! It was tough to say who was having a better time- the five talented young rockers in the band- the audience, or the two old geezers reliving their glory days coaching and backing up these up and coming stars.


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