Curling? Oh, yeah, it’s that weird Olympic sport where they sweep stuff, right? On the ice? Actually, curling is a centuries old sport that has evolved over time and is still wildly popular in countries like Canada, Finland, Scotland, and, eh? The United States. My son was curling for years at the Potomac Curling Club in Laurel, Maryland before moving to Halifax, Nova Scotia and this week the folks at The Potomac Club played host to teams from The United States, Canada, England and Scotland for the 21st World Championship of the International Curling Fellowship of Rotarians. Try saying that 3 times real fast. As always, the vibe in Laurel was friendly but competitive and there was hour after hour of spirited play out on the ice. Things wrap up tomorrow, but I urge you to pick up your broom and slider and head on out to the Ice House at your earliest possible convenience and meet the friendly folks at the Potomac Curling Club. & bring the kids along. This is a sport for the entire family! Check it out!


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