What is that incessant pounding in my head? Have I been mysteriously transported to a 1930s adventure movie where the jungle drums beat on and on, forcing my feet to tap out a never ending rhythm, till the soles of my shoes, tattered and torn, scatter to the dancing winds?
Gosh, no! I’m once again at Anne Arundel Community College, taking photos to help promote another musical opportunity presented by Ian Wardenski and Marty Knepp and friends to help bring the magical world of percussion to a wider educational audience. Despite a beautiful day beckoning, a youthful and engaged crowd turned out to the Maryland campus of Anne Arundel Community College to hear talks and see presentations by clinicians such as Mike Ranelli, Jeff Weir, Kevin Meyer and the AACC’s own Marty Knepp. The afternoon brought a lively panel discussion of other instrumentalists on the intricacies of working with drummers and percussionists, including Dr. Mark Cook, Mike Kamuf, Jason Gano and Ian Wardenski, followed by a performance and Q&A by young drummer Greg Clark, Jr. The conference was capped off by a rousing concert by the Mike Kamuf Little Big Band. All in all a fun and enlightening day in a world filled with cymbals, triangles, gongs, drums and sticks, mallets and brushes in all shapes and sizes. As a wise man once said, “I don’t want to work, just want to bang on the drum all day!”
A whole lot of banging going on! All of it joyous!…and with a groove!
The Mike Kamuf Little Big Band


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