No Zoom-Zoom here. Just the low, guttural growl and rumble of a field full of classic V-8s and the blinding glare of a soccer field’s worth of chrome blazing in the 100 degree heat of a Maryland sun. The little town of Olney plays host to its own vintage car show every summer, and while the turn out was a bit shallow yesterday, probably due to a week’s worth of blistering heat and power outages in the D.C. region, the participants and viewers were in high spirits- oooooing and ahhhhing the classic automobiles like so many missed fireworks. I usually try to focus on one aspect of design at each of these shows, and this time around the point of interest was dashboards and steering wheels. I guess I’ll just have to save tail-fins for next year.PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket


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