We all know that the world revolves around a guitar, right? The ultimate synthesis between form and function? The sweet sensual curves that remind us of the female form? Well, we all know that beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes, and if we take a moment to clear our 6 string obsessed minds we’ll see that maybe, just maybe, there is beauty beyond the guitar. That round little honey with the gracefully slender neck belongs to ……. the banjo. Banjo? In these forward thinking times we know that a musician like Bela Fleck can transport this ancient folk instrument to the reaches of the musical galaxy, and in the hands of a master artist like Kevin Enoch the banjo itself becomes not only a creator of magnificent sound, but a work of art able to stand on its own. Kevin’s mastery of inlay and engraving graces his instruments like a Durer etching, and along with collaborator Pete Ross their imagination and skill combines to move this venerable, and oft maligned instrument from the Appalachian hills to the concert hall and gallery wall. A canvas in 5 strings.PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket


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