“Like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives.” If you know that phrase, you are either too old, or too housebound and need to get out and experience the world more often. Celebrating a birthday yesterday that puts me in the dirt: older than category, I hit the highway with my son the Diner Hunter for a birthday road trip in celebration of my inclining years to scenic Pennsylvania. After a most enjoyable ( and cheap) breakfast at the Prospect Diner outside Columbia, PA. we headed to the National Watch and Clock Museum for a bit of reflection on the nature of time, mortality and just some really stunning examples of the watch-makers art. Then in was off to Ephrata for lunch at the Cloister Restaurant Diner and a meeting with fellow diner aficionados Mike Engle and Glenn Wells. My whole internal debate on aging was put soundly in perspective when charming and feisty octogenarian diner owner Elva Stauffer joined us for a dessert of the Pennsylvania Dutch delicacy corn pie, as well as the house speciality of home-made peach pie and treated us to tales of her world travels and exploits as an ambulance driver,which she continued to do till she hit 80! A life like that puts in all into crystal clear focus, so we finished our pie, bid a fond farewell to our new friends, and once again took to the open road for a trip home to the warm bosom of dear, dear friends and family, lit the candle and made a wish for world peace, lots of love, and a million new experiences in the many years ahead!Photobucket
The Prospect Diner in Columbia, PA. & the fabulous breakfast specialPhotobucket
THE CLOISTER RESTAURANT DINER & some disreputable diner guysPhotobucket


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