What do you call a fellow who eats lightbulbs for breakfast & washes it down with motor oil? Who hammers nails up his nostrils? Who goes to work dressed in a natty leopard-skin sarong with a pugillistic Pee Wee Herman tattooed on hos back? Who lies on a bed of nails, or broken glass – as curvascious young women jump on his back? And who collects his pay by having dollar bills ( thanks, a twenty to the neck will do nicely) stapled to various parts of his body? Why, LUCKY, of course! Lucky, the Painproof Man delighted, shocked and downright disgusted visitors to the Mobtown Greaseball yesterday as he put on a show in the best tradition of generations of circus and sideshow performers. An engaging showman, Lucky had the audience eating (glass) out of his hand as he charmed young and old alike with a style and act that has been lost to the more politically correct modern sensabilities, but is now enjoying a resurgance and a 21st Century renaissance along with burlesque, body art and other neglected art forms and forgotten entertainments of the not so distant past. So pay your quarter, come in through the tent to your left, and see and be thrilled and appalled! Ladies, if you are pregnant, or think you might be, please be warned.
Tools of the tradePhotobucket
Lucky seems to prefer a very firm mattressPhotobucketPhotobucket
When she came here to celebrate her 40th birthday, she had no idea that she would be pulling a nail from Lucky’s nostril with her teeth- Happy Birthday, Beautiful!PhotobucketPhotobucket
Always great fun to have a cinder block smashed on your groin!Photobucket
As Nick Lowe says, “I love the sound of breaking glass”Photobucket
“Honey, I think one less trip to Dangerously Delicious Pies might be a good idea.”


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