The dead walk! Sometimes by day, but always by night, the shadowy corners of our subconscious lie prey to the fears of times past, when superstition ruled and the re-animated corpses of the recently deceased stalked the streets and alleys of city and village, craving the flesh and brains of the living! Zombies, or the undead, have been a part of myth for hundreds, if not thousands of years, spanning cultures and all manner of diverse society. Recently, these ghouls have re-established their hold over our terrified populace becoming mainstream staples of not just cinema, television, pop literature & music, but also have taken a firm hold over the streets of otherwise quiet suburbia. Not content with their place in classic horror movies such as Night of the Living Dead or in the mythology of cultures like Haiti, these shuffling, drooling creatures can now be seen battling the likes of Abraham Lincoln and Jane Austen. In cities all over America, our fascination has led to the phenomenon of “Zombie Walks” where fun-loving fiends, young and old, don the tattered and gore soaked garments of the flesh eaters and take to the streets for nights of fun and fright. Silver Spring, Maryland was host to such an event on Saturday night as the brain munchers danced, strolled, howled and shuffled their way from Jackie’s Restaurant & Sidebar up Georgia Avenue terrifing unsuspecting passers-by and delighting those in the know. Beware!!! They are everywhere! Maybe even in your town!PhotobucketPhotobucket
Everyone needs a little love- even the walking dead!Photobucket
Tippi Hedren & Hitch battle some Undead BirdsPhotobucketPhotobucket


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