It’s always a good day when I can go out exploring the great American roadside with my son, The Diner Hunter. This has been a tradition of ours since he was but a lad, and now that he’s an acknowledged expert in the field, it is all the more fun. As a pre-Christmas holiday treat, we headed to the Harrisburg, PA. area for a return trip to Kuppy’s, a great little Ward & Dickinson diner which opened in 1933. It was a hoppin’ place on a chilly Thursday morning, full of spirited local conversation, but we warmed right up with some hot and tasty coffee, and a breakfast which couldn’t be beat. Spencer had the baked oatmeal, with brown sugar and blueberries, a regional Amish delight and I tucked in to a traditional bacon & eggs, with plenty of perfectly crisp bacon. Yum, yum! It must make old Carelton Towers’ mouth water just to think about it. Diners of Pennsylvania writers Brian Butko, Kevin Patrick and Kyle Weaver like it here…. and so do we.Photobucket
Not much to look at on the outside, but a great neon sign
Photobucket Owner Greg Kupp keeps things happening behind the counterPhotobucket
Getting hungry again just thinking about it!Photobucket
Keep your sunnyside upPhotobucket
Don’t forget to try a Grilled Rachel


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