Newport, Rhode Island- Playground of the Gilded Age Elite, and site of some of the grandest homes in this, or any other country. In an age of excess and monumental wealth and privilege , Newport stands out as the summer party spot of the turn of the last century. For the generally brief period of 6 to 8 weeks during the summer “season” the rich and powerful robber barons of American industry fled their hot summer mansions in New York and Philadelphia and headed to the coast of Rhode Island, to wine, dine and entertain in royal, god-like splendor in their palatial cottages with names like The Breakers, The Oaks and Marble House. Today these homes stand as a testament to the staggering divide between the rich and poor, to the legacy of American Entrepreneurial Royalty.
The Devil is in the details-
Thousands of artists and craftsmen contributed to these magnificent palaces
The tradition of wealth and opulence continues in Newport today, albeit on a smaller scale


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