Fifty years ago, in 1963, the world was a decidely different place. The Cold War was hot. Viet Nam was a little known part of French Indochina, Marilyn Monroe had only been dead for a year, and our charismatic young president, John F. Kennedy, was soon to be assassinated. The Beatles had not yet appeared on Ed Sullivan, and the British Invasion was something that was taught in American history classes. Onto this stage, a small, low powered AM radio station in Wheaton, Maryland ushered in the sound of country and bluegrass music, giving voice to a string band known as The Kentuckians. Featuring Red Allen on vocals and guitar, Frank Wakefield on mandolin, Pete Kuykendal on banjo and Tom Morgan on bass, these bluegrass virtuosos were captured live on tape during their many radio performances and now, fifty years later, the fabulous music these talented musicians created a half century ago will again be heard on a new release on the Patuxent Music label, based in Rockville, Maryland. The surviving members of the band recently got together for a roundtable interview and reunion to share stories and memories in the Patuxent studios. Photobucket
Tom Morgan, Frank Wakefield, Red Allen and Pete Kuykendal in 1963- ( photo by Keith )Photobucket
Tom Morgan, Frank Wakefield & Pete Kuykendal today ( photo copyright Michael G. Stewart)Photobucket
Stay tuned for the new CD release on Patuxent Music


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