Whenever Bing , Bob & Dorothy hit the road in those fabulous classic movies of the 40s, you could be assured of a madcap good time, when no quip was ever wasted, and hilarity and adventure ( not to mention plenty of asides to the camera, or a talking camel) were the were the watchwords of the day. Well, while they were not quite the original classic roadtrippers, this was undoubtably a meeting of some of the best & brightest stars in the galaxy of classic American roadside bloggers and writers as Beth Lennon, Spencer Stewart, Kyle Weaver and the elusive Roadside Wonders met in Gettysburg, PA. for a summit meeting, coffee and Texas Weiners, as well as a sad farewell before the ruinous demolition of the Gettysburg Cyclorama.Photobucket
A delicious breakfast and plenty of hot coffee at the Lincoln Diner – Kyle, Beth & Spencer
A rare Matthew Brady photograph of two Union officers confiring over johnnie cakes and java at The Lincoln
A day of mischief with the roadside elitePhotobucket
The iconic Gettysburg Cyclorama, a masterpiece of 60s architecture by Richard Neutra, to be demolished by a short-sighted National Park Service. This historic building is considered by some to be a dated eye-sore, detracting from the hallowed ground of the Gettysburg Battlefield. I’m sure the revered memory of our fallen forefathers can be better venerated by a big bucket ‘o chicken and some fries next door at McDonald’s.
Coffee thick enough to stand a spoon up in-
Few Americans realize that the Civil War was also fought to preserve the dignity and rights of another marginalized faction of 1860s Society- Unattractive Crossdressers- Examples from the Gettysburg American Civil War Wax Museum
Highlights from the new exhibit-” Bad Hairpieces in American History”
No trip to historic Gettysburg would be complete without capping the day off at Ernie’s! for a dozen or two Texas Hot Weiners!



  1. It’s true … it should be named the “National Emporium of 1860s Society- Unattractive Crossdressers” 🙂
    Thanks for making the day so fun!
    Great. Now I won’t be able to go outside without people recognizing my hand. I’ll be stalked, harassed, and the subject of an international media frenzy!

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