Despite the best efforts of Washington’s weather prognosticators to instill fear and terror into the local populace and whip the area into a circus of toilet paper and milk buying panic capitalism, the dreaded “Snowquester” failed to materialize yesterday, and left the roads quiet and free of distractions for the trip down Wisconsin Avenue to hear the fabulous Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet perform at the newly opened Bethesda Jazz and Blues Club.
The Quartet ( Ginny Carr, Robert McBride, Andre Enceneat & Holly Shockey) warmed up an audience brave and loyal enough to face the storm, and the crowd was amply rewarded by a rousing set of jazz vocalese standards and Ginny Carr originals from the group’s latest CD, “Hustlin’ for a Gig.
The Quartet was backed by a stellar group of D.C. instrumentalists, featuring Alan Blackman on piano, Steve Herberman on guitar, Frank Russo on drums and Amy Shook on bass. To paraphrase the lyrics to the Quartet’s heartfelt tribute to the late, great Eddie Jefferson- “ Jazz was hot in the East, cool in the West, but THEIR vocalese- it is simply the best!” Great job, guys! Check ’em out!Photobucket
The latest CD from The Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet- I may be biased, but isn’t this just a stunnng cover? ( photographed & designed by Michael G. Stewart)Photobucket
The crackerjack backing band of Amy Shook on bass, Alan Blackman on piano, Steve Herberman on 7 string guitar, and Frank Russo on drumsPhotobucket
The many moods of Bob McBride!Photobucket
The always elegant, always sophisticated- Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet


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