It was another sad day in the snack food kingdom as manufacturer Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe announced the demise of the beloved Gibble’s brand, maker of potato chips & Cheese Puffys. Like such revered food icons as Hostess Twinkies, and other lamented, but lesser known food dinosaurs as Kellogg’s Concentrate, the Gibble’s brand will apparently be going the way of the dodo as Martin’s corporate branding shifts in favor of more upscale “boutique” snack products.
One loyal consumer feels the sting and is thrown into a sense of snack food despair!
When George Crum, a Native American chef, served the first potato chips to Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt in 1853, he used the animal fats available in his day to produce his new product. Today, with all the various oils on the market, Gibble’s still uses LARD- an animal fat-to make their potato chips. Why? Because we believe that simple and natural is best. Do you realize that, commonly, to produce vegetable oil, seeds must be roasted, steel rolled, and flooded with hexane solvent to extract the oil, which is then treated with lye, neutralized with hydrochloric acid, filtered through diatomaceous earth, and deodorized under high temperature? LARD is a rich, naturally stable fat, rendered from pork that provides the true home style flavor most people prefer. Pure energy. Simple and delicious. We at Gibble’s are proud to use the same fine ingrediants that made us a hit many years ago at our farmer’s market stand- Chips so wonderfully good they’re “NIBBLE GIBBLE-ICIOUS!” We want to be your potato chip. ( the product statement on the back of every bag of Gibble’s )
They were yummy good!! Ingrediants: Potatoes, Prime Processed Lard, Salt, & TBHQ added to protect flavor.Photobucket
Nearly forgotten- Kellogg’s Concentrate, Recently deceased- Hostess Twinkies


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