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Another slow week in the world of paying gigs, so it looks like another round of working out ideas and concepts with the aid of Number 1 son, and the beautiful Rebekah, joining forces as The Photones!- This legendary duo looks as good as they sound, and their string of hits can be heard on juke boxes from Halifax to Salt Lake City, from Leesburg to Silver Spring! Amazing how far a little imagination and the willingness to have a good time visually can transport a concept!
 photo blogphotones5.jpg
A few simple props and a little attitude goes a long way
 photo blogresizedphotones2.jpg
The many moods of The Photones
 photo blogphotones2a.jpg
Too Cool for Words- Is that Blind Melon Chitterlings?
 photo blogpho3.jpg
A Discography going back for years- Look at that vinyl
 photo blogphotones1.jpg
Be on the lookout for this amazing duet- Many Thanks to Rebekah & Spencer for being so helpful & patient-Great Job showing how it should be done!


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