photo GTCHORRIBLE.jpg
In a secluded corner of the Maryland suburbs,not far from the pre-heated seats of power that control the workings of the free world, a small and select group of independent-minded men have gathered 3 times a year to participate in a time honored ritual shrouded in deepest secrecy, the inner working of which are known exclusively to a quartet of living souls, known only as “The Four”, or, to the outside world as the public face of The Gentlemen’s Tasting Club of Olney. Led by a shadowy figure referred to as “Mr. President”, the foursome lead lives that to the unsuspecting populace may seem ordinary, even mundane, and go about their daily routines in business, family and love wrapped in the cloak of kindness, creativity and respectability, but for 3 days out of the year, when they invite a finite number of deserving men to participate in the deepest secrets of the infamous GTC, participating in the rigorous, and quite often humiliating and painful initiation ceremonies reserved only for Gentlemen of accomplishment and distinction. Through the generous, but mysterious underwriting of Miss Molly’s Meat Rub, the often copied, but never equaled Men and Meat Firepit Event continues to this day,lurking in the shadows of Stonehenge on the Ascott, as strong, independent, smelly, rude, funny, flatulant and always loving men, caring and protective of their womenfolk, and the community at large, travel forth, from far and wide, to ignite the fires of freedom and spread the good word of meat, whisky and bad jokes told well and oft repeated! We salute you! …..Hey, remember that time when you woke up in a bathtub full of ice and your kidneys were gone ..  photo blogmeat4.jpg
Miss Molly says” Time to eat? Rub the Meat!”
 photo blogMeat1.jpg
Salmon & Oysters
 photo blogmeat2.jpg
The closest thing to greens at the event- used as a brush
 photo blogmeat6.jpg
The President’s special twice fried fries!
 photo blogmeat3.jpg photo blogmeat5.jpg
No chicken here- These are pheasants- wrapped in bacon and stuffed with sausage


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