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Once again the first weekend in June has rolled around, and once again I’m on the road to scenic Princeton, Kentucky- home of the Pennington Folk Festival- now celebrating its 16th year, and how sweet it is! For the third time, Eddie, his lovely wife Penny, and their children Alonzo and Rosebud have welcomed us into their community to attend, photograph and help out with one of the most charming little music festivals in the country. The people are friendly, the music is inspired and guaranteed to put a smile on your face and set your toe to tapping! A world class guitarist and winner of accolades too numerous to mention, Eddie is a master thumbpicker in the style made famous by Merle Travis and Chet Atkins, and a member of the Thumbpickers Hall of Fame, as well as a winner of the National Endowment for the Arts coveted Heritage Fellows Award. Although the threat of severe weather forced the Festival from its usual sunny outdoors location and into the Butler gymnasium, the rains could not dampen the spirits of the performers, or the crowd as the music and the smiles brought sunshine to the little town of Princeton, Kentucky for yet another year of Penningtonfest! A special thanks should also go out to Stacey, Dog and all the other tireless volunteers and contributors that make this all possible. Great work, y’all!!
 photo blogpenningtontalentbigampsmall.jpg
A whole lot of talent, professional and homegrown
 photo blogpenningtonbosco.jpg
Friday night headliner, Blues guitarist- Bosco France
 photo blogpenningtonbosco1.jpg
Bosco gets down!!
 photo blogpenningtonpeople.jpg
The fine folks of Princeton, Caldwell County
 photo blogpennington5.jpg
The big man himself- Eddie Pennington- and all the talented family
 photo blogpenningtongene1.jpg
Saturday night headliner, country legend Gene Watson
 photo blogpenningtongene2.jpg


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