I really wasn’t on a people hunt on this trip, mostly here for the architecture and neon, but the Bay area is home to a wide diversity of peoples, places and things, so I couldn’t help but be momentarily distracted from the cityscapes by the teeming mass of humanity as I walked through the streets of San Francisco.
 photo ablogsffaces11.jpg
 photo ablogsffaces3a.jpg
 photo ablogsffaces10.jpg
 photo ablogsffaces2a.jpg
 photo ablogsffaces8.jpg
 photo ablogsffaces9.jpg
 photo ablogsffaces6.jpg photo ablogsffaces7.jpg
 photo ablogsffaces5.jpg
 photo ablogsffaces4.jpg
 photo ablogsffaces11-1.jpg
 photo ablogsffaces3.jpg
 photo ablogsffaces12.jpg


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