photo abloggreaseheader.jpg
Every year the streets of Dundalk, Maryland, on the outskirts of Baltimore erupt with the sound and fury of roaring engines, Rockabilly guitars and the gasps of an entranced side-show crowd as the Mobtown Greaseball Event pays homage to American Kar Kulture and all its related art forms. I’ve been going for many years, & always enjoy the carnival atmosphere here, the sounds, the smells, and the general craziness. I won’t attempt to add to the write up from last year’s post, but here are a few images from this year’s event! ENJOY!
 photo ablogmob5.jpg
 photo ablogmob4.jpg
 photo ablogmobbabes.jpg
 photo ablogfacesmobtown.jpg
 photo ablogmobtats.jpg
 photo ablogmob6.jpg
Lucky the Painproof Man takes another hit!


One thought on “MOBTOWN GREASEBALL 2013

  1. Michael,

    Thanks. Sorry I missed it.

    If you have seen any recent Lexus TV commercials lately, compare their front end styling to the front end of the 1961 or 1962 Plymouth photo you shot. Looks like the Lexus designers have run out of ideas.


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