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It was a rare day in Washington, D.C. The fall air was cool and crisp, the sky was a clear, deep shade of blue, and the rumble and static of the voices from Capitol Hill was muted and the desire to commune with nature and enjoy an afternoon of tranquility seized my very soul. Where to go? Why, the cemetery beckoned, of course, and having neglected the famous gentle hills of Congressional Cemetery, in the shadow of the ever popular D.C. Jail, we set off for a stroll through the tombstones of the famous and powerful. Unlike nearby Oak Hill or Rock Creek cemeteries, Congressional is sadly lacking in unique or interesting funerary art or style. These are, after all, politicians, and this is one of the few places in Washington where the pol’s are silent, but so much like their living counterparts, they still do nothing. Which came first? A fitting tribute to the concept of term limits, it appears that many past Congressmen lived short lives, 35-45 seems about average in many cases, so perhaps our contemporary politicians could take a cue from their forefathers!
 photo ablogcongress6.jpg
No humility here
 photo ablogcongress7.jpg
 photo ablogcongress8.jpg
Muted and classic architecture of death
 photo ablogcongress5.jpg
Congress is in recess- The remains of Congressmen past
 photo ablogcongress1-1.jpg
A beautiful fall day in Washington – an opportunity for reflection
 photo ablogcongress2.jpg
 photo ablogcongress9.jpg
The other side of America- A stunning totem pole in Washington’s Congressional Cemetery
 photo ablogcongress4.jpg
 photo ablogcongress3.jpg
We can only pray that our elected officials will finally grow up, act like adults, and try to work for the betterment of the country


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