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Another slow week in the world of paying gigs, so it looks like another round of working out ideas and concepts with the aid of Number 1 son, and the beautiful Rebekah, joining forces as The Photones!- This legendary duo looks as good as they sound, and their string of hits can be heard on juke boxes from Halifax to Salt Lake City, from Leesburg to Silver Spring! Amazing how far a little imagination and the willingness to have a good time visually can transport a concept!
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A few simple props and a little attitude goes a long way
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The many moods of The Photones
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Too Cool for Words- Is that Blind Melon Chitterlings?
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A Discography going back for years- Look at that vinyl
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Be on the lookout for this amazing duet- Many Thanks to Rebekah & Spencer for being so helpful & patient-Great Job showing how it should be done!



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Sometimes, I just get the crazy notion into my head to work up designs for non-existent bands or companies and ad campaigns, just to keep my mind and chops occupied. While working with my son on product shots for his Vintage Haberdashers site ( some of the coolest vintage men’s clothes available) I took advantage of his good looks and patience to grab some studio shots that translated well into a classic C&W look that I could work with- The results are displayed in this post- Now, if I could just get my clients to sit still & dress the part!
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It was a night of 1,000 guitars ( plus a cello banjo, a ukulele, fiddle, & much, much more) – Most in the talented hands of Grammy award winner Marcy Marxer as The Institute of Musical Traditions played host to the release concert in celebration of Marcy Marxer’s solo CD, “Things Are Coming My Way”. Kicking off with a swinging rendition of the jazz standard “Brazil” on tenor guitar, Marcy and the band ( including longtime partner Cathy Fink, Ralph Gordon on bass, Avril Smith on guitar & vocals, Rickie Simpkins on mandolin & fiddle, & Maureen Andary on vocals) proceeded to cover a world of musical territory, from traditional folk, to jazz, blues and Gypsy swing, not to mention a heartfelt tribute to Rosa Parks accompanied by one of Marcy’s young proteges on uke and vocals. It was a joyful evening of music that proved, once again, that there is no stringed instrument that the gifted Ms. Marxer cannot play- and play beautifully!Photobucket
The lovely & melodic Avril Smith opened the evening with her trio.Photobucket
Great things happen when Marcy plays her Paul Lestock Arrow tenor guitar.Photobucket
Marcy gets help from a special guest in a musical tribute to Rosa Parks.Photobucket
The many strings of Marcy Marxer- Whole lot of tenor & a very special Shelley Park gypsy style guitarPhotobucket
A galaxy of talent on one little stage
L-R Rickie Simpkins, Avril Smith, Marcy Marxer, Ralph Gordon, Cathy Fink & Maureen AndaryPhotobucket
No evening is complete without a cello banjo solo- Really!


I am so very fortunate to be able to make a meager living doing something I love, creating compelling images of the world around me, and at no time am I so blessed than when I have the opportunity to work with master luthier, Matt Artinger. For several years I have made the trip from the Washington, D.C. area up to the quiet Pennsylvania town of Emmaus to document the unique and striking creations issuing from Matt’s workshop. The beauty and diversity of his instruments, be it guitar, bass, mandolin or whatever else his wicked mind and talented hands devise is always a surprise and a treat to photograph…. and to play! If you are ever of the mind to own a one of a kind extension of your own musical vision, Matt is certainly the man to see. Here is a small sample from our latest photo session. To see more, visit the website or the dedicated photo blog!Photobucket



Despite the best efforts of Washington’s weather prognosticators to instill fear and terror into the local populace and whip the area into a circus of toilet paper and milk buying panic capitalism, the dreaded “Snowquester” failed to materialize yesterday, and left the roads quiet and free of distractions for the trip down Wisconsin Avenue to hear the fabulous Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet perform at the newly opened Bethesda Jazz and Blues Club.
The Quartet ( Ginny Carr, Robert McBride, Andre Enceneat & Holly Shockey) warmed up an audience brave and loyal enough to face the storm, and the crowd was amply rewarded by a rousing set of jazz vocalese standards and Ginny Carr originals from the group’s latest CD, “Hustlin’ for a Gig.
The Quartet was backed by a stellar group of D.C. instrumentalists, featuring Alan Blackman on piano, Steve Herberman on guitar, Frank Russo on drums and Amy Shook on bass. To paraphrase the lyrics to the Quartet’s heartfelt tribute to the late, great Eddie Jefferson- “ Jazz was hot in the East, cool in the West, but THEIR vocalese- it is simply the best!” Great job, guys! Check ’em out!Photobucket
The latest CD from The Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet- I may be biased, but isn’t this just a stunnng cover? ( photographed & designed by Michael G. Stewart)Photobucket
The crackerjack backing band of Amy Shook on bass, Alan Blackman on piano, Steve Herberman on 7 string guitar, and Frank Russo on drumsPhotobucket
The many moods of Bob McBride!Photobucket
The always elegant, always sophisticated- Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet


It was an afternoon and evening of beautiful and eclectic music at Anne Arundel Community College as the music department played host to the gifted young guitarist Julian Lage for an free clinic followed by a solo concert.”Hailed by All About Jazz as “a giant in the making”, Lage grew up in California and was the subject of an Academy Award nominated documentary, Jules at Eight. He gained pivotal early exposure as a protege of legendary vibraphonist Gary Burton, recording and touring with Burton on two projects: Generations (2004) and Next Generation (2005). Lage reunited with Burton for live engagements beginning in 2010, and can be heard this year as a member of the “New Gary Burton Quartet” on the forthcoming CD Common Ground, also featuring Scott Colley and Antonio Sanchez.”
Julian left his custom built Linda Manzer guitar behind for this visit, instead relying on a Bill Nash telecaster and a 1930s vintage Martin flat top, running the tele through a Electro Harmonix MemoryMan pedal for some truly otherworldly looping effects. If the capacity audience expected a concert of straight-ahead jazz, they were astounded and delighted as Julian alternated instruments and styles, easily navigating between achingly beautiful renditions of American traditional folk tunes and flights of cosmic wonderment and angular pyschedelic bursts from his battered telecaster. As always, AACC has provided the community with the opportunity to see and hear yet another talented musician in an intimate and comfortable venue. We can all look forward to the return of Frank Vignola and Vinny Raniolo on May 10th. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

27th Annual Wammie Awards

Every year the Washington area’s music royality polishes up their crowns and slips into their slinkiest frocks and snakeskin cowboy boots and head out to the State Theater in scenic Falls Church, Virginia for the musical lovefest that is The Wammie Awards. The Washington Area Music Association has been passing out the local equivilant of The Grammys for 27 years now, and everyone who is anyone in the D.C. area music scene was here to see and be seen. The evening honored music makers of all styles, ages and genres and without a doubt, a grand time was had by all!
PhotobucketTED GARBERPhotobucket
VERONNEAU ( Lynn Veronneau )Photobucket
VERONNEAU w/ saxophonist Jeff AntoniukPhotobucket
The Wammettes and a host of presentationsPhotobucket
G.U.G.G. aka Alexi von GuggenbergPhotobucket
BE’LA DONAPhotobucket
BE’LA DONAPhotobucket
Just a few of the projects by WAMMIE winners I photographed & designed this yearPhotobucket