Those of you who follow my blog with any regularity know that I consider the contemporary tattoo as “the people’s art.” It is a form of personal expression that is available to, and for the masses, and at no other time in history have we seen the proliforation of so many individuals, from so many diverse walks of life, investing in the creativity of personal self-expression. And at no ther time in history has this ancient art form been practiced by so many talented artists. At every music festival I work at, I’m surrounded by art on the move, and at an event like the Mobtown Greaseball the stars align to bring together hundreds, if not thousands of moving canvases together in one place. What follows is a very brief look at some of the colorful art I witnessed yesterday in Dundalk. If you, or someone you know, or an artist’s work you recognize appears here, please feel free to get in touch so I might credit your work or acknowledge you as a patron of the arts. Better yet, maybe you need a studio sitting to fully document your contribution to the humanities.PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
Loved this young woman’s canvas & overall sense of style- Especially liked the tribute to her GrandmotherPhotobucket



Here we are again, strolling through the gentle hills in the storied Baltimore neighboorhood of Dundalk, land of a thousand enchantments, and home to the most beautiful and stylish women, and of course, their equally verile and handsome gentlemen. The Mobtown Greaseball gives the kar kulture community a chance to step out and strut, showing off their fabulous sense of style and fashion, their stunning and wide array of tattoos and body art, and of course the reddest lipstick this side of 1956!Photobucket
Enchanting beauty and style to boot!Photobucket
Dig that crazy beard, man.Photobucket
Wicked cool shades- A shame to cover up all those beautiful eyes!


Sorry to have been away for so long, gentle readers. I have been off the road and confined to the limitations imposed by a lengthy stay in hospital and have been unable to fulfill my duties as your chronicler of the changing American Roadside. But never fear, pain and Doctor’s orders are not enough to keep a good man down, so it was into the blue skies and clean air of scenic Dundalk ( a neighborhood on the east of Baltimore) that the Vintage Haberdasher and myself found ourselves transported yesterday for the 15th Annual Mobtown Greaseball, an event that celebrates and glorifies the best in vintage kar kulture, rockabilly style, cheesecake pinups, sideshow artistry and all around good family fun for all. There was so much to see & experience that I was barely able to scratch the surface, and in my weakened state was not able to capture even a fraction of what this event has to offer, but I’ll try to present a small portion of what was on display for the naked eye to behold! We’ll start with a small sampling of the mechanical marvels, and future postings will feature people, faces, tattoos and of course, the astounding Lucky! The Painproof Man! Enjoy!Photobucket
These are old school rat rods and the finest in the contemporary style of kar kustomization! No trailer queens here!Photobucket
The beauty of fine pinstripingPhotobucket