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I love guitars! Banjos, mandolins, violins, viola de gambas! Not only do I get to photograph the musicians that make music on these amazing stringed creations, but I also get to work with the especially talented, thoughtful and gifted folks that design and build the instruments that allow musicians to make the noise that we call MUSIC! I recently had the opportunity to document a few of the latest guitars from Pennsylvania luthier Matt Artinger and some stunning banjos from Beltsville, Maryland based Kevin Enoch! Not only are these amazingly beautiful bits of musical eye candy, but they all sound as good as they look. photo Artinger Guitar  photo copyright Michael G. Stewart37.jpg photo Artinger Feb. 2014 copyright photo Michael G Stewart087.jpg photo a blogEnoch Banjos photo copyright Michael G. Stewart110.jpg photo a blogEnoch Banjos photo copyright Michael G. Stewart009.jpg photo a blogEnoch Banjos photo copyright Michael G. Stewart008.jpg photo Artinger Feb. 2014 copyright photo Michael G Stewart105.jpg photo a blogEnoch Banjos photo copyright Michael G. Stewart012.jpg photo a blogEnoch Banjos photo copyright Michael G. Stewart020.jpg photo Artinger Guitar  photo copyright Michael G. Stewart88.jpg
My personal favorite- “The Tokyo Rosie” but, then again, it would be! I got to lend a small hand in the design of this one- Billy Gibbons, eat your heart out! ( now I just need some folks to play with- )



a state of mind, a state of being,
a sound for a new generation’s outlook on perception and reality
Wow! What a lot of pretentious hippy mind boggle!
In actuality, Electric Tibet is the name of various incarnations of a neo-psychedelic garage rock band founded by composer/guitarist Michael G. Stewart in the 1970’s.
Over the years, the free flowing personnel included various guitarists, bass players, saxophonists, keyboardists, drummers, conga players, tambourine shakers, violinists and
all manner of hooters, hollerers, screamers, belters, moaners and whisperers taking the vocal chores.
The one constant throughout was always Michael, playing a seemingly
endless variety of guitars from an always rotating collection.
These days Michael G. Stewart is noted for his inspired work as a
photographer and designer for other musicians, with over 250 album and CD covers to his credit for artists as varied as Pat Martino and Larry Coryell to Tony Trischka and Michael Doucet to Tom Paxton and Tommy Emmanuel.
…but, there was a time when Michael would strap on an SG,
turn up the Hiwatt & make some noise.
So Crank it up, listen and just imagine…”What was he thinking?”
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Electric Tibet Click Link for The Suburban Bushmen


The ALTA Award, which stands for Achievement in Living Traditions and Arts, was created in 2007 to honor the work of folklorist and community leader Dr. Alta Schrock, who died in 2001.
Each year, three awards are designated – for a Maryland person, place, and tradition that best epitomizes Maryland’s cultural heritage. Individuals are selected based on their demonstration of the highest standards of excellence in such areas as research, documentation, presentation, entrepreneurship, artistry, stewardship and community impact; places honored are those that specially serve to keep traditions alive and that are meaningful and effective gathering places or sites for carrying on living or endangered traditions; and traditions recognized are those that connect communities to cultural heritage in authentic and appropriate ways that exemplify the unique spirit of our state and may include events, occupations, knowledge, cultural scenes, and organizations.
I’m fortunate to work with Maryland Traditions, the folklife program of the Maryland Arts Council, and the National Council for the Traditional Arts, two wonderful organizations that help to keep folk and traditional artforms alive and recognized in my home state. The program last night featured the outstanding inspirational praise music of The Singing & Praying Bands of Maryland, a salute to one of my favorite, but vanishing sports, Duckpin Bowling, an award to Rich Smoker, an exceptional carver of duck decoys, a performance by National Heritage Fellowship winner Warner Williams, and a special pairing of harmonica wizard Phil Wiggins with the Godfather of Go-Go, Chuck Brown playing some soulful blues.\
Jay Summerour & Warner Williams
Cliff Murphy, Director, Maryland Traditions
The raucous world of Duckpin Bowling at Patterson Bowling Center
Somerset County Decoy Carver, Rich Smoker
Harmonica Phil Wiggins and The Godfather of Go-Go, Chuck Brown
The Singing & Praying Bands of Maryland
No Bugs in Warner Williams’ beer tonight!