Back on the road, this time to beautiful San Francisco! Thousands of images to sort through, but while we wait, let’s match the Bay area greasy spoon to the breakfast standard of bacon & eggs, with a hot cup of Joe!
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The Java House, The Pinecrest Restaurant and It’s Tops! All Tops in my book!



It is with a heavy heart, and a full stomach that we bid a fond farewell to the Forest Diner in Ellicott City, Maryland along fabled Route 40, the old Baltimore National Pike. For 66 years this old Silk City has dished out meals and hospitality as the area changed and grew up, leaving the Forest, like the old & quaintly creepy kid’s park across the street, The Enchanted Forest, to face its inevitable obsolescence. As a youngster, we would make the trip out to see Old King Cole and the Three Blind Mice, and finish up our day’s excitement with a chocolate shake and a burger at The Forest. The original facade has been covered for years now, but one could always see the remains of the shiny stainless in the waiting area between the new skin & the real diner, tucked inside. I said my adieus to waitress Ellen Jackson as she poured one more cup of coffee, flashed me one last smile, and, with a note of melancholy in her voice, wished me one last “Have a good day, hon.”
Waitress Ellen Jackson has been serving up coffee, and smiles, since 1994.
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