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As a rule, I usually work creating images for high end, custom luthiers like my good buddy Matt Artinger up in Emmaus, Pennsylvania. Every so often, however, I do a run of instruments for quirky, smaller re-booted guitar purveyors such as Micro-Frets, or in this case, the Hallmark Guitar Company, run out of Greenbelt, Maryland. As you can see by my photographs, the current Hallmark company leans heavily on designs associated with the former Mosrite company, instruments beloved by surf and 60s style instrumental guitar bands, as well as punk rock favorites, The Ramones. While manufactured in Korea, these are fun and classic guitar styles with an All-American profile.
 photo abloghallmark2.jpg
The Stradette, in gold metal flake & flames
 photo abloghallmark1.jpg
The classic Mosrite silhouette on 4 different basses
 photo abloghallmark3.jpg
The Hitch-hiker, more gold metal flake with a deep German carve!
 photo abloghallmark4.jpg