photo abloggraveheader.jpg
On a recent roadtrip to Staunton, VA., we came across yet another tranquil oasis and resting place of the departed on the outskirts of town. Here are but a few of the interesting bits of funerary art that helped fuel my creative mind that day. photo abloggraves2.jpg photo abloggrave8.jpg photo abloggrave6.jpg
They do love and respect their dogs down here in Virginia- photo abloggrave4.jpg photo abloggrave7.jpg
A more apt name was never seen photo abloggrave3.jpg
Crossing Over photo abloggrave1.jpg
Remember the Maine! Don’t see many of these photo abloggrave5.jpg
Knock, knock, knocking on heaven’s door



And now, for something slightly different, but still the same. Not only do we care for our dear, departed family and friends, but also for our deceased pets and animals, those who give us comfort and unquestioning love during their short, furry lives. Touching, poignant and a bit on the off beat, a brief stroll through the final resting place of Frisky, Spike and Wolfgang, Mr. Puss!PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket


The day dawned brisk and overcast as we crossed the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, the sun rising, a blazing beacon between the clouds as we headed toward Maryland’s Eastern Shore. My traveling companion, the good German Doctor had once again invited me to accompany him on a road trip of discovery, to investigate the skipjack fleet, sample what diner cuisine we could find, and perhaps indulge in an adult beverage at the end of the day.
We set out with a vague notion of our route and intentions, but as always the Doctor and I were flexible as to our goals and destination. Like life, it’s not always the destination, but the journey that makes things interesting. As on any day on the road, and anywhere surrounded by water, the light and sky were in a constant state of change and the mood and feel of the images changed with each turn in the path that we encountered. What follows is an all to brief photographic summary of our trip. & thanks again, Doctor, for my abbreviated lesson in the fine art of talking dirty in German. One never knows when a talent like that will come in handy!
Always something exciting to discover and experience
It’s a different world across the bridge
A waterman’s life- The details
Reflecting on beauty
Pass me the crabs and a beer
Christmas on the Eastern Shore