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Welcome to the Richmond Folk Festival! Originally the National Folk Festival, sponsored by the National Council for the Traditional Arts, the event in Richmond continued after its initial 3 year National run to be a highly successful enterprise in its own right, drawing audiences from far and wide to share in the music, traditions and sense of community fostered by this annual event. I’ve been photographing this fun-filled weekend for the N.C.T.A. since the inaugural year, and it seemed like old times as the rain fell on the waterfront venue, soaking the shoes, but never dampening the spirits of the thousands of festival goers who took part in the good times adjacent to Brown’s Island in Richmond, Virginia.
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A little sunshine from Mali
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Peruvian Scissor Dancing
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The Mighty Sam McClain
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The Stooges Brass Band from New Orleans
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The Wildman of Polka, Alex Meixner
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A little Buck dancing
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2nd Generation Bluesman, Lurrie Bell
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Youthful Bluegrass w/ The Moore Brothers Band
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African Drumming Traditions workshop
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Shout Out a big AMEN! w/ Maggie Ingram & The Ingramettes!
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The Sultry Sounds of Fado Singer, Nathalie Pires